Inshore or Offshore, What is Your Go-To?

Published April 19th, 2022 by Salty Hooks Fishing

Inshore or Offshore fishing what is your go to? I used to charter on the inshore fishing scene and it was a blast. Hooking up to monster trophy Red drum on Calcutta 400b reels and custom MHX 7’6” rods set up with 30 Lb braid and 25lb top shot mono it was absolutely awesome. Going over by NASA and finding jr Tarpons running the edges of the mangroves and sight casting them. Or going to the 407 bridge and rail road bridge and catching dinosaur Black and Red drums and Trout. It was a blast.

Then one day I went with a buddy Offshore to fish some wrecks and reefs out of New Smyrna and we had a killer of a day from that point I knew I was going to switch gears and go big. when I started the Offshore charters I knew I was going to be in for a surprise the fish are constantly moving. One day they are bait and kings are running north on 8 A and the next they are moving down on south pelican or pushing offshore more and the next running the beaches. I was lost as crap honestly and if you missed a week of fishing your starting over. it took me a couple of years to be sure I can produce fish for clients doing Offshore charters. Now a couple of years have gone by and I feel I am learning more every time I go Offshore and producing fish and adapting to weather and seas conditions. Offshore fishing is crazy cool you never know what is going to hit the trolling lines or what your going to bring up on the reefs or wrecks fishing. One of the most exciting thing for me chartering Offshore is watching the clients reaction when a big Aj , Red snapper , Cobia and all other reef / wreck fish smack the line and they out drag. The unreal power the fish have surprises them and they use every muscle their body to fight the fish up from the depths. I have met some amazing Captains that helped me out on choosing witch direction to go or how far out are the fish are and even how to set up my drift. I say thanks to all and everyday out there is a learning curve.

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