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Welcome Aboard!

  Its not your normal fishing trip, You can be experience or a beginner, Your adventure awaits you. 

The Finest and Luxury  Fishing Experience

   Everglades boats are top in its class fishing boats out there. Its where luxury and fishing have joined sides in a boat.


Every trip something new will be seen 

   Salty Hooks Fishing brings a twist to the fishing game. Nothing like catching big fish while using light tackle. There is a couple of different trips, 1/2 days , Full days , Deep drop Or you have your own boat and  want to learn different ways to fish the east coast waters. 


1/2 Day ,   Full Day ,        
          Deep drop 

  On a 1/2 day , there is trolling  around the reefs for kings , Sails. Then some bottom fishing for Snappers , Cobia ,  , and Mix bag of others.

On the Full Day ,In the morning troll on the 20nm reefs for Kings, Mahi, Sails , Wahoos. Then switch over to bottom fishing on reefs wrecks for (Snappers when in season ) , Cobia , Grouper , and lots other reef fish. 

Deep drop fishing is where the electric reels come in play. we will be fishing in depths of 600'+ for Tile fish , Yellow Grouper, Then we will troll and look for weed lines and look for Mahi and Black fin Tuna, then work are way back in to do some bottom fishing for Aj's on the deep wrecks, and Gag Grouper , other snappers. 

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